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An artist just forwarded to me this message that was sent to them:

Name: john owen
Email Address:

HELLO i'm John Owen from North Carolina,I actually observed my wife has been viewing your site on my laptop,shes an art lover and i can see she has interest in your art piece.well I was also amazed after seeing your various works too. I would love to receive further information about your piece of work available for sale.Am interested in purchasing a piece to surprise her. So kindly confirm the availability for immediate sales. Thanks and my best regards. John

This an introductory message that has been sent to artists for years.  If it is followed up by the artist it usually leads to the shipping scams that I've posted about previously.  There isn't really a big red flag in the message itself although it does seem odd that someone who has looked through your website is asking you to provide more information based on what is for sale.  Most people would ask about the availability of specific works.

What really stands out for me is that that I've seen this message, almost word for word many times before.  Only the name and the location change.