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About Art Scams

From time to time, we get messages asking our opinion about messages artists who use ArtSites have received from "prospective customers".  Our artists are sometimes unsure if the sender is a legitimate customer or if they are attempting to involve the artist in a scam of some kind.  Since we manage messages sent to over 500 artists, we also see scams that attempt to get past our own automated filters. As a result, we have identified a lot of red flags that we spot in such messages. 

The website is dedicated to surfacing such scams and to explaining why we think that they are scams targeting artists.  If you sign up for our Newsletter, you will get timely warnings about new art scams that we see as we identify them.  You can also read through our blog to see previous scams that we have identified.

If you have a question about a potential art scam and would like our opinion on it, please feel free to send the details to us!  We will post a blog post about the scam and if you allow us, we will post your name and/or a link to your artwork online.